First name Patrice, last name Furlow. I am a 29 year old adult with an imagination as wild as me. I specialized in a range of jobs from loan counselor to administrative assistant. My true passions however, will always be writing. Writing as comforted me more than anything throughout the years and I want to be able to share my thoughts, stores, poems, etc with you all. Writing has been a pillar to lean on and a form of expression to release upon it’s pages. Writing as been my ‘go to” for so long when I am troubled.

Since my life is so challenging (yet  blessed), I want to be able to share all I have experienced and seen thus far with everyone else. I have been told in my life, that I would not succeed; I will not make a difference; I will not be. I am here today to encourage and inspire any and all who have been told the same.  I no longer want to be a closed or silent book, but one with life and a story to tell. I promise to be as  open as possible and as considerate as needed. I hope this blog and the words that feel the pages, feel your hearts as well.

I cast out my pearls (gems) to you.


Patrice Furlow


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